Assalamialiakum, Jazakallahukhair for all of your contributions!

Qurbani Drive Results: 2600+ lbs collected

2600+ lbs of meat were collected with 1100 lbs gathered at ICCD and 1500 lbs gathered at Al-Hidaya Center. All meat donations were distributed to needy Muslims in the Capital District. Thank you for all your contributions!

Thank you for making the 2020 National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day a success

2020 was a challenging year. JZK to all the volunteers who made it possible.

Please continue to be a part of monthly events and help plan for 2021

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Thank you so much to all our sponsoring organizations:

Serving Humanity

Muslim Soup Kitchen Projects (MSKP) has been feeding thousands of local families and individuals in need, by holding monthly Soup kitchens and drives at various locations throughout the Capital Region in NY and nationally throughout the USA on National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day. We hope to create unity among families as they work together and within our communities as we unity together to help those in need.

Help make National Soup Kitchen Day the day that no one goes to bed hungry

Countless organizations from all around the United States, individuals and groups have come together to prepare and serve thousands of meals to the people in their own communities since the launch of our first National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day in 2016. What started as a small local effort by students in 2003 in Albany, NY, has now reached thousands of families across the country. Help us reach every community and bring benfit to as many people as possible.

Feeding thousands

With the above in mind, the Muslim Soup Kitchen Project (MSKP) embarked on the NATIONAL Muslim Soup Kitchen Project (NMSKP) in 2016. NMSKP is a project that seeks to encourage as many groups as possible, including other faith communities, both in the Capital District - as well as in other parts of the country - to come together once a year to plan and host a soup kitchen in their own towns or cities to help those in need.

April 11, 2020

Ramadan Packages Non Perishable Food Drive
Please donate: Rice, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Oil, Pasta, Canned Goods, Cereal, etc.

Drop off: 1-6pm, Saturday April 11th 2020
Back of Old Salvation Army Building
350 Troy Schnectady Road, Latham 12110

You may have been able to go grocery shopping and buy your needs comfortably before COVID-19. But even then, there were families in Albany and in the Capital District who struggled to buy basic groceries. Imagine how difficult it's gotten for them now. As Muslim Soup Kitchen Project, we have seen the people who are in dire need. Our refugee sisters and brothers living in the capital district need your help. In order to reach out a hand, MSKP has started a Ramadan Package Project where we will be collecting and donating essential non-perishable foods to the refugee families living in our community before Ramadan starts.

These non-perishable foods can be: flour, oil, rice, sugar, salt, and canned foods, We have about 70 families, with over 300 people that we are trying to prepare these packages for. Although community donations will be helpful, we will certainly need monetary donations to purchase products from the grocery store to meet the needs of everyone.

April 25, 2020

Sadaqa Drive for Ramadan Packages
and National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day

We are also asking for donations for National Muslim Soup Kitchen, which is MSKP's once a year event where we serve over 1000 meals around the Capital District. This year, NMSK Day will be on May 30th. We wish to distribute 1300 meals to homeless shelters, and refugee families inshaAllah.

We ask to our beloved community to support us in accomplishing these projects. This is certainly a time of trials, and any donation made will be a reward for each and every single one of you as a sadaqah inshaAllah.

May Allah swt be content with each and every single one of us, and accept our efforts, and forgive us. Allahumma Ameen"

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Just some of the amazing work volunteers like you are doing with MSKP

Our Mission: To Create Unity by Serving Humanity

How you can help


Please remember us in your prayers (Du’a) for verily it is when we turn to God (Allah) and invoke His help, that we can help others as well.

Sign up

Volunteer and actively reach out to your friends and ask them to participate as well!


Without the food, there can be no soup kitchen! Cooks are vital to the MSKP for we serve over 150 people at a single soup kitchen.

Reach out

We have a list of facilities within the Capital District where we have soup kitchens. We're always looking to expand that list to help out more people! For National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day, we would like your help and have no one go hungry anywhere!


You can become the contact for your high school, mosque, university, etc. in terms of getting the word out about the MSKP and its mission.


The MSKP is run solely on donations from generous individuals and every little bit helps!


Can’t Cook? No Problem. We also need drivers to deliver food to dierent sites.

Run by amazing volunteers like YOU

We are just like you: determined to make a change in the world. MSKP puts faith to practice by providing food to the homeless and helping those in need. We engage our youth in service and strive to fulfill our duty to our neighbors. We believe we are ONE in essence, irrespective of our colors and beliefs and share the need to serve humanity through uniting with our families, friends, neighbors, and community members. We conduct bi-monthly drives to collect items of need for local shelters. (Fresh fruits/vegetables, meat, clothes, toiletries, and more.)

Number of MSKP events

Avearge number of MSKP volunteers per location

Community Outreach 25%
Fundraising 25%
Media and Awareness 15%
Volunteers 35%

National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day Planning

This year National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day will be held on Saturday, May 30th, 2020: We aim to serve as many people nationwide as possible, and here is how you can help:

1. Identify the help: Reach out to the people you know (your own family members, members of a youth club, a local church, synagogue or another faith community, a local organization, or people from the community at large).

2. Identify who to serve: Decide who you will be serving a meal to. If you need help with identifying a group, call your local shelters, churches or other congregations - they love this!

3. Decide what to serve: Discuss this with your group and choose something YOU would like to serve. Also (if you need to) reach out to your community! Ask that auntie that makes your favorite biryani, show everyone that you can make a mean lasagna, or have a sandwich competition with your local student group. Get creative!

4. Decide where to serve: You may find it best to deliver from your local community center to places in need, or you may find that a local shelter will allow you to cook and serve right from their own kitchen.

5. Communicate with us before the day: Let us know that you are on board for the National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day! Register with us using the following link:

Register for NMSK DAY

6. Advertise: Do your best to reach out to local media outlets so that they can help to publicize your event beforehand and/or report on it on the day itself.

7. Capture the moment: Take pictures and/or videos and share them with us on our facebook event page: Also, please remember to share links of any media coverage you get!

Join with us on National Soup Kitchen Day

Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah), we are a generous people, just as our Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to be. He taught us to work together, to be a community that comes together to encourage good and forbid evil. Today, we are inviting you to come together to do good by participating in the Fifth Annual NATIONAL MUSLIM SOUP KITCHEN DAY!

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