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About the Ramadan Hunger Appeal

The Muslim Soup Kitchen Project (MSKP) and the Regional Food Bank have partnered together for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan to help alleviate hunger in our neighboring communities. During this time of fasting, please remember your hungry neighbors by donating the cost of meals not eaten to the Regional Food Bank’s Ramadan Hunger Appeal.

The Regional Food Bank provides $8- $10 worth of food for every dollar it spends, so any donation you make will feed many hungry people. The Regional Food Bank extends its deepest gratitude to all the Masjids and congregants that choose to support the Ramadan Hunger Appeal.

Thank you for helping us alleviate hunger… together.


The Food Bank collects large donations of food from the food industry and distributes it to food pantries, soup kitchens, and other agencies. In 2020, the Food Bank provided over 55 million pounds of food to over 1,000 member agencies in its service area, over 35% more than in 2019. It also actively works to increase awareness of hunger and poverty. The Food Bank is a responsible steward of its resources, providing $8- $10 worth of food for every dollar it spends.

“And they are those who give food…”

“And they are those who give food – in spite of their own need , to the needy, and the orphan, and the captive, [saying in their hearts], ’We only feed you for the sake of God, and we desire nothing in return from you, not even a word of thanks’ ” (Quran 76:8-9).

 MSKP partnering together with the Regional Food Bank for Ramadan Hunger Appeal

The Regional Food Bank has been helping to feed the poor and hungry in our communities since 1982. It is the only organization of its kind in northeastern New York. The Food Bank collects large donations of food from the food industry and distributes it to charitable agencies serving hungry and disadvantaged people in 23 counties. From Plattsburgh to Newburgh, in urban, rural, and suburban communities, the Food Bank provides over 55 million pounds of food a year to 1,000 agencies.

Million Pounds of Food

Member agencies


More than in 2019

1. Albany – 6,337,0391. Albany – 6,337,0392. Clinton – 1,471,0253. Columbia – 1,960,3554. Delaware – 636,6695. Dutchess – 3,649,7796. Essex – 530,8947. Franklin – 1,837,6708. Fulton – 1,121,7879. Greene – 959,94910. Hamilton – 103,45211. Montgomery – 1,711,32812. Orange – 6,113,774

Pounds of Food Distributed by the Food Bank by County in 2020

  •  Otsego – 1,982,90813. Otsego – 1,982,90814. Putnam – 1,161,82815. Rensselaer – 3,065,00216. Rockland – 4,687,86417. Saratoga – 3,292,65218. Schenectady – 4,152,26619. Schoharie – 1,200,39920. Sullivan – 1,517,92421. Ulster – 5,210,28022. Warren – 1,759,93023. Washington – 1,317,148


Everyone can help

We work entirely with the help of hundreds of volunteers just like you. Please donate your time, your skills, and funds to help.