Food Drive

Saturdays: March 20, 27, April 3

Please give before Ramadan

You may have been able to go grocery shopping and buy your needs comfortably before COVID-19. But even then, there were families in Albany and in the Capital District who struggled to buy basic groceries. Imagine how difficult it’s gotten for them now. As Muslim Soup Kitchen Project, we have seen the people who are in dire need. Our refugee sisters and brothers living in the capital district need your help. In order to reach out a hand, MSKP has started a Ramadan Package Project where we will be collecting and donating essential non-perishable foods to the refugee families living in our community before Ramadan starts.

Donate at the Salvation Arm Building

These non-perishable foods can be: flour, oil, rice, sugar, salt, and canned foods, We have about 70 families, with over 300 people that we are trying to prepare these packages for. Although community donations will be helpful, we will certainly need monetary donations to purchase products from the grocery store to meet the needs of everyone.